Monday, February 2, 2009

Pans around Pandamatenga

I must remember to find out what the name Pandamatenga means, or from where it originates. There Are a Lot of pans - water pans - in the area. These are fairly shallow, normally circular, depressions which hold rain water. They provide easy, accessible watering spots for wild animalsand often extend this service well into the dry season, after the rains have stopped.

Yesterday we visited one - locally named "Gary's Pan" - and it was beautiful. Our hosts and friends, Frans and Mandy Hobart (owners of Touch of Africa Lodge) and Gary (not of the Pan), their manager. Gary provided us with a most scrumptious lunch in the bush, prepared over open coal fire, of stuffed pumpkin (chicken and mushroom filling), cabbage stuffed with cheese and garlic. After many jibes about the fact that I had been responsible for not packing enough drinks (beer!), we had a lovely relaxing meal before heading back to the Lodge. Marty (our Jack Russell) had a most amazing time playing with sticks in the long grass and splashing through the water at the Pan's edge.


  1. Hey Toff and Kiddy,
    We visited your website and found your blogspot. Very nice! We very much like to read about your trips and tours, and will defenitely visit this spot every now and then!

    Groeten uit Holland
    Frank en Liesbeth

  2. Hello Frank,Liesbeth! Thanks and I hope that we will be able to keep in touch with you through the year. Here's a cold beer for you! (Here it is warm enough!)