Friday, March 6, 2009

The Silent Travellers

A month nearly passed..and no news. That's the result of frenetic packing and traveling to South Africa..and being back in the rat race of Johannesburg and Pretoria for a few weeks.

Kiddy returned from Holland on the 20th Feb and I drove our old Toyota Hilux pick-up. I wondered if she would make the trip, not having been out of Kasane area for several years now. But old faithful cruised along fine. I must post a picture - will have to go outside and take one! The vehicle is now 24 years old, over half a million kilometres on the clock and goes well.

I said farewell to our friends, Bill and Susan Oliver, when they left Kasane and flew off from Livingstone in Zambia, headed for their two month holiday in Mexico. Til our next get-together.

Kiddy's return has been full of photographs and stories. We have had time to get together with the family in Johannesburg and Pretoria, as well as do some catching up with friends.

It's been a long time since we have stayed in these environs; apart from more construction of offices, housing and shops, not much has changed. The products and selection of goods in stores seems about the same, too. The 'excitement' one used to feel at coming through to the "Big City" to see all of this, has faded (fortunately!). It's ok to do it, but that's where it ends.

However, as for restaurants and the choice of good eating spots, finding new ones where the fare is delicious...well that can't be beat! We continue to love that aspect of visiting here. Favourite Portuguese, seafood, Chinese and Italian spots continue to serve us lovely tasty, reasonably priced meals. And I thought I was on track to lose some of my extra centimetres...

Marti, our Jack Russell, accompanied us on this trip - who could have left him alone at home?? He has staked out his turf at the home of our friend where we stay and is happy to have our company - not to mention that he now has a long fence facing onto a street where he can bark at the neighbours dogs, passing pedestrians and anyone who comes to the gate! He received a whole heap of presents from Kiddy on her return and boy was he happy to see her.