Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to Basics

Sunset Feb 10 Chobe River

Let's face it much as we can be away from this and still have a good life, we need it.We need the energy that comes from the rising sun, the setting sun,the full moon - heck, even a moon that is so far from full yet is beautifully placed in the sky. Basics..

I have been away - not physically from the town - but away from writing to you..and Kiddy has been catching up on her blog page for her Holland tour! While I have been away, I have seen sights such as this sunset, I have heard the early morning bird calls, the same birds,calling again, in the evening. There s a world that we hear from time to time in our daily routines, mostly we don't hear it. It's a world that you go to "on holiday", when you "have time off". Yes, that's true. But it is still there every other minute of your life.

Come out and enjoy it with us!!

A good friend is arriving, for the third visit in the last five years, in the last quarter of March. We will travel to the Kalahari and Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. We will find many amazing things in our travels..and we will let you know about those. 3 years ago Bill and Susan Oliver arrived here, for a Kalahari was even more spectacular than I could have wished for...and them! You have seen some of their photos on this blog.

For those who have been here, you will know that Africa has its very own "call-sign", its very own heart beat..once you hear this, you cannot lose it again. It either finds you (wherever you are tucked away) or you are drawn to find it.. I think that is the one thing that tries to tell you :"GET BACK TO BASICS"

Town is quiet at the moment - isn't this the point where I started the blog from?? - and we notice it.It's a pleasure, in a way. I had a simple yet tasty lunch at one of the lodges today..and caught up with three friends for nearly an hour..none of whom I would have seen for another 3 weeks had I not stopped there today. I even went into the bank and service was so good/quick, I could remain a client of their's for a while longer! (Not that we have much choice in this town).

I see a happy's our Jack Russell, Marti, asleep. I have happy memories of today, and I know that we are blessed with friends who make our basic life, all the more worthwhile.

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