Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seasonal Rains

We have had early and good rains; they started in mid November last year and by Xmas we had had nearly 440 mm (a lot for those two months). Becoming a bit more sporadic now in January, but nontheless some good downpours. With the overcast weather, it tends to be a bit cooler than the high temperatures of Octoer and November..but, at the mid 30s C the humidity is very high here!

All around the bush is lush and green..for those who arrive here and want to do a safari, be prepared to confront rain and lots of greenery! We still have a pretty good variety of birds, it being the summer migration period when we have the Central and Northern African and the European migrants here. Elephants still abound and our local lions - along the Chobe River, in Lesoma Valley area and south of here towards Pandamatenga and Kazuma, are still home - albeit harder to spot them at times.

The Zambezi is starting to fill - rainfall already influencing the flood water and we are looking forward to another year of high water levels I guess. The Vic Falls will be a better sight with some more water in them..a good time to get there before April and the very high water levels.

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