Friday, January 30, 2009

An elephant or two...hundred

A short note and a few photos..a 3 day camping trip into Chobe National Park, we camped at Ihaha site. It is looking beautiful and the river is already filing with the annual flood waters.
I had not expected to see much game (wildlife) at this time of year - well, were we in for a surprise! On the way in to camp, we saw lions and a small herd of sable antelope, giraffes and many impala.Our outings brought us a herd of buffaloes - unusual indeed to see around 200 or more in January amidst the rain.

One afternoon, we sat for an hour and a half while elephants of all ages and sizes passed our two cars and came down to the floodplains to drink, bathe in the mud and feed on the fresh grass. We had them as close as you can want to the vehicles. We were charged by a cow with young and we saw what must be one of the better sized tusker in Chobe. We counted about 200 elephants; it was spectacuar.

Yesterday, at our humble little home in Kasane, our neighbour's children alerted us to two adult boomslang ("tree snake") moving in the branches over our gardens. With the help of the local snakepark folk, the snakes were captured and safely removed. These were two big snakes - well above the average (1,5m) at 1,8m.

Yesterday afternoon, we had two hours of blissful, peaceful relaxation on the Chobe river- slowly going down by boat to the rapids and returning to see the sunset near Sedudu Island. Now today I am off with friends to Pandamatenga to see our piece of land there. Kiddy is with her family in Holland and hoping that it will soon snow - apparently there's a good chance of that happening. You can bet that she is well wrapped up! Her time at the Djoser travel event went very well and she enjoyed it - we hope to see some of the visitors to the show out on safari with us soon!

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